BIG Power No 2 Nature Pork

The pure power of nature! Crunchy Prok crisps with the mild taste of the finest premium pork meat.


Amount: 1 can à 35g

Take your time, to taste the nature: Close your eyes, let the crispy crisp melt on your tongue, take the full range of flavour in and feel the power coming from the crisps.

pork meat (380g fresh meat for 100g finished product), sea salt (not ionized), spices, smoke, free from additives

  • calorific value: 1622kJ/384kcal
  • fat: 9,8g - saturated fatty acids: 4,5g
  • carbs: < 0,5g - sugar: < 0,5g
  • protein:
  • salt: 6,1g