26. February 2019 General

Why a blog?

A good question at the beginning. Why?

—— creative pause for thought ——

We do not know it exactly ….;) Among thousands and probably even millions of blogs, there are only a few informative ones that are really based on research. But we do not intend to torture you with scientific details (at least not always;)). We want to provide you exciting contributions to BIG Power. You will be surprised what is about to come. We want to invite you on a journey where not only fitness and nutrition will be discussed. We also want to tell you how it is to start a business, which challenges (because there are no problems) you have to master on daily basis and provide you with  some behind the scenes information of sisterhood.

Of course we want to dedicate our first blog post to the development of our meat chips… How it all started …
It all began with 3 sisters from South East Styria who grew up on a farm. Our father was and is “Schweindlbauer”. We grew up with the pigs. Our father, the Vulcano-Franz, developed a unique new product: ham chips. Everyone was thrilled about the crispy consistency – as the sister where quite nutritionally minded and fitness-oriented they were really excited about the new product invention: Due to the high fat content in raw ham, the chips had a very high fat content. We decided to create a product that has less fat and much more protein. A few bottles of wine and months later the product was ready for its launch: The ham chips with a protein content of 75% evolved.

Now, we all know the Big Power chips  (by Pig farmers).

Brace yourself for the journey of Big Power and the Power Girls,
Your Big Power Team