BIG Facts

About the Big Power meat crisps

It’s not so much a philosophy that’s behind BIG Power as a lifestyle of conviction. “Life in harmony with nature” sounds like an overused, meaningless phrase. But with BIG Power, it suddenly becomes really easy to integrate “eating with a clear conscience” into a modern, active lifestyle.

100 % natural

For us, this already starts with the keeping and feeding of the animals, but it also concerns the production method and it culminates in the selection of the ingredients. 100 % natural therefore means 0 % preservatives, 0 % artificial flavourings, 0 % antibiotics and 0 % genetic modification.


For us, this means that everything is done by our own hands, from meat processing to production and packaging. This does not only enhance the quality of the product, but it also boosts the regional added value.


That’s how nature tastes. Big Power is 100% natural and we are very focussed on showing responsibility through a GM-free, sustainable feed concept.


You need protein, but your body doesn’t tolerate gluten? BIG Power is a concentrated protein source, which manages to have high amount of protein without the help of cereal places.


75% high protein – 100% taste – 0% carbs
Through the high share of pure animal protein, BIG Power ham crisps are truly a power food.
The crispiest form of protein!


animal – yes, lactose – no! BIG Power manages to get along without any milksugar.


Sugarfree snacks do not exist? YES, they do! Big Power contains neither sugar nor synthetic added sugar-additives

0 % Carbs

Low-carb was yesterday! No-carb is BIG Power’s answer to it! The meat chips are a delicious energy booster completely without carbohydrates. But, how can they still be that crispy? – Well, this remains our little secret.

Big Support for Vulcano Charity Projekt

With a 7 meter tall wooden ham Vulcano wants to raise at least € 100.000,- until 21th December 2018 for "Licht ins Dunkel", an Austrian charity fund for families in need. This project clearly deserves our full support. So if you also want to help with an one-time donation of € 10,-, just click here and complete your purchase as usual in our online shop.