About us

The roots

Behind BIG Power are three young, ambitious sister from south-eastern Styria: Katharina, Laura and Klara Habel. They have been PIG farmers with a passion for many generations. They have great experience in ham and meat production and not only focus on freshness and origin, but also on quality, above all. Their idea is pretty simple: they pay attention to “good” nutrition, this means: great taste, high quality and healthy food with moral and ethical flawless background. Because of this principles the sisters created BIG Power and combine lifestyle, a spirit of adventure and great courage.

For people like you

It’s not so much a philosophy that’s behind BIG Power as a lifestyle of conviction. It’s for people,

  • who know, they can change the world with their decisions.
  • who like to know, what they’re buying.
  • who decide knowingly what they’re eating.
  • who put quality before quantity.
  • who are eating with clear conscience.

The Power sisters


For me, feeling good is all about the taste buds. If it tastes good, I feel good. If I know where it comes from, I feel even better!


I love taking my body to new limits time and again and really burning off excess energy. I get this power from nature.


My life motto is simply to have a good time. I want to experience things and also to just hang out sometimes – and I like chilling with chilli best.

Big Support for Vulcano Charity Projekt

With a 7 meter tall wooden ham Vulcano wants to raise at least € 100.000,- until 21th December 2018 for "Licht ins Dunkel", an Austrian charity fund for families in need. This project clearly deserves our full support. So if you also want to help with an one-time donation of € 10,-, just click here and complete your purchase as usual in our online shop.